What Is a Spamfirewall?

A spamfirewall is a dedicated hardware solution by industry leader Barracuda Networks, which allows us to scan and block mails even before they reach your mail server and mail box.

How Much Spam Does It Block?

Good question. As the chart below shows, a large amount of mails is blocked. This leads to much less work for your users, since only relevant mails get through.

Stats chart showing procentage of mails which is spam

How Does It Work?

Our spamfirewalls will act as the entry point for mails to your domain. We will, in other words, act as a buffer between your mail servers and the Internet, as illustrated by the diagram below.

Diagram displaying how incoming mails travel

What Does It Protect My Server Against?

If you allow us to scan your mails, before they reach your own mail server, your mail server will basically have over 85% less work to do in regards to handling incoming mails.

It will also protect it against DDoS attacks, and when there is a virus outbreak on the Internet, our spamfirewalls will be a first line of the defence, allowing your mail server and Internet connection to continue working normally.